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An amazing place – Flater’s flambeau point resort in Wisconsin

Many individuals enjoy a calm and relaxing getaway that can provide ride a wide range of entertainment for the younger ones in the family, as well as many choices of things to do for the older individuals within the family. Camping can often be a fun and exciting way to enjoy oneself when you are away from home and it can be great to choose a resort that offers these forms of certain choices.

Flater’s flambeau point is a location that is open around the year and provides a form of relaxation and enjoyment for those that want to get away from the normal way of life. Flater’s flambeau point is based at the meeting place of the Chippewa river and offers five beautiful cabins to stay in. The cabins have been designed to a very high standard and come with an interior that is made out of cut logs. There is lots of space and there are high beams in the cabins, as well as wonderful stone fireplaces that will keep you warm and cozy. There are also model fishes mounted on the walls and there are stuffed animals that will make you feel like you are a part of the atmosphere. If you would like to camp on the site you can do so and there is a trailer park which is based near the banks that are located by the Chippewa river.


There are many forms of entertainment at Flater’s flambeau point and these include great locations for fishing, as well as river trips that can be carried out. If you enjoy canoeing then there are some brilliant routes through the rivers that will offer wonderful scenery. There are also ski trails and roots the offer great biking. Many individuals also enjoy the walking trails that are available and the resort also offers things on location. This includes a beach for swimming, as well as a playground for children.

I like to fish. Fishing is always a way of relaxing.

Tom Felton

Ideas for trip destinations in USA to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Getting married can be a wonderful thing to do but it is important to celebrate your wedding anniversary in special and unique ways. Many individuals choose the location of the US as one of the best places to go in which to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The United States of America is filled with many different locations and a lot of them are very romantic. If you wish to book a wedding anniversary in the US then read on to find out a selection of locations that are perfect for this event.

St. Simons in Georgia


If you are after a wonderful town for your location on your wedding anniversary then you should choose St. Simons in Georgia as it offers a wide range of shops that sell beautiful antiques, as well as many decadent cafes and restaurants that will keep you entertained as you explore this wonderful location.

Viewfort in North Carolina


This is one of the oldest towns in America and offers individuals a romantic place to spend their wedding anniversary. The city is well known for its beautiful views and has architecture that dates back to the 1700s, when it was first built. Many couples visit this location as it offers a beautiful atmosphere and will make one feel romantic as they spend their time that the location.

Maui in Hawaii


Many consider this one of the most beautiful getaways in the USA and there are many different ways in which to enjoy a romantic time when you are with a partner. The location offers a selection of wonderful beaches and you will be also pampered with luxury spas in the resorts that are located within this area.


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